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Why choose us?

Mediatech International Pvt Ltd (MIPL) is what you’d call a one pit stop for all your marketing needs. MIPL provides customized marketing solutions to boost your presence, thereby increasing your brand reputation. MIPL is not only a service provider or product manufacturer but it also positions your brand into your client’s mind by means of various marketing support like signage, display solution, merchandising, POSM, marketing schemes, event management etc. We also support in designing, sampling and execution tailored as per your industry at a competitive pricing. As we work for masses with same technical support which distribute the cost among all whereas if you work yourself all the cost will be borne by you only.

Our aim is to build your brand stronger that stand against competition, win market shares and build growth. We deliver high-performance and consistent quality to get your brand noticed everywhere.

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15 Mar 2017

All the Honda dealers participate in this event in which they showcase their New and Used Cars for customers to make a purchase.

07 Oct 2016

One of the Biggest Marketing Elements Show in the India

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