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Your Brand is What Other People Say About You When You’re Not in The Room

– Jeff Bezos


Branding is required in making a special name and image of a product/item/service in the customers’ mind, mostly through promoting effort with a reliable subject. The target of branding is to build up a critical and unique presence in the market that pulls in and holds loyal clients. In the realm of business, imperceptibility is a vital component in expanding shopper mindfulness and intrigue. MIPL support you in positioning your brand through following branding options:


Types of Branding Options


1. Signage


Signage i.e. branding through realistic outlines, as images, seals, or words, utilized particularly for identity recognition or as a method for giving directions or cautioning. MIPL will help you in making your signage more engaging either in the type of front lit flex, illuminated flex, ACP board, ACP with LED lighting and so forth.

Dabur signage by mediatech international


2. Store Roll Outs


IAF store roll out by mediatech international

Store Roll Outs is a slang term for the launch of new/additional item or service to the market. A rollout regularly alludes to a noteworthy item launch, frequently joined by a strong advertising effort to produce a lot of shopper buildup. MIPL serves the indoor and outside graphics requirement for many of the world’s finest retailers. From entry rollouts including printing and grouping custom representation bundles to stupendous leader store shows, we are always approached to uplift the retail encounter.



3. Point of Purchase


Point of Purchase (POP) is a place where deals are made. On a large scale, it might be a shopping center, market or city whereas on a small scale, retailers consider it to be the zone encompassing the counter where clients pay. Custom POP shows increment viability of your in-store limited time shows. POP shows are typically blurbs, flags or illuminated signs used to get the client’s attention and emerge most importantly different showcases. Many uses and points of interest of POP shows incorporate the window or ledge shows, floor stands, and flags. MIPL serves POP shows that draw in and support a “motivation buy,” which effortlessly builds income and sets up “Brand Awareness.”

cocacola point of sale by mediatech international


4. Visual Merchandising


vodafone visual merchandising by mipl

Visual Merchandising is an essential component and an impactful method for increasing the value of the brand; with a specific end goal to pick up a vital upper hand in the commercial center. Visual promoting speaks with clients through components that animate their faculties, for example, lighting, music, smells, and TV screens. The surrounding in which a buyer is in can impact the obtaining choices they make. MIPL serves to the clients with different types of Visual Merchandising.



Advantages of Branding

Customer Loyalty
Increases Trust
Relatable Identity
Image Of Quality
Incresed Sales
Competitive Advantage

MIPL helps you with viable branding solutions

giving significant edge in the aggressive markets.