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Event Management

Event Management is organizing, and arranging the considerable number of individuals, groups, and elements that meet up to make each sort of event. Events require a wide range of groups to meet up, frequently including a few outside providers. Fruitful events rely on each group and each colleague doing their business to an exclusive requirement, and also adaptability and a promise to great cross-group correspondence. Event Management is a quick paced, changed, and profoundly employable field. Indeed, even in times of financial subsidence, events stay significant to organizations as beyond any doubt approach to fabricate mark notoriety, drive customer certainty and give individuals encounters to recollect.


MIPL gives the client the event assets that need to make awesome events. MIPL provides event coordinators, varying media services, event production and correspondence arrangements.


We deal with a variety of corporate event assistance for you which will help you in arranging an extraordinary experience for your visitors. We make your corporate events broadloom and worthwhile with a wonderful stylistic layout, and help you pick the best idea, location, and menu that will make you and your business sparkle.


At MIPL, we endeavor to be the most well-founded and innovative event organization; continually conveying an exclusive unmatched quality and esteem for money to our clients. We work in close association with our clients to offer an assistance that sets new measures in event management, with our clients’ needs as our priority.


Honda Used Car Mela (Sep 2016)



Honda Used Car Mela (March 2017)


Holi Party (March 2017)


MIPL is focused on creating a quality