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Fabrication & Pre-Fab Structures | MediaTech International Pvt Ltd Official Website

Fabrication & Pre-Fab Structures

Fabrication is the assembling procedure in which an item is manufactured (fabricated) from crude or semi-finished products as opposed to being collected from instant segments or parts. Making thoughts into ideas are something that happens when fabrication work is done.


Ever thought what is the most inventive approach to contact shoppers?


MIPL is instrumental in assembling and providing fabricated Racks (Build racks as per your details, Test your racks and install racks at your site); Trolleys (Build trolleys in different designs and measurements) and Kiosks (Build specially crafted Kiosks to the customers’ particular needs and after that fabricated in-house) that makes clients live and cherish the experience of the brand. We help you in having a capable effect in the psyches of your clients; that is the thing that everybody wants to do. It’s a well-ordered way to actually get the space in the psyches of the customer. Fabrication is one such little stride in this.

  • KiosksKiosks
  • RacksRacks
  • TrolleysTrolleys


1. Racks

coca cola racks fabricated by mipl
Racks fabricated by Mediatech international pvt ltd


2. Trolleys


cocacola trolley fabricated by mediatech international
Kinley Trolly fabricated by mediatech


3. Kiosks

vodafone kiosk by mipl
Cocacola Kiosk by MIPL


Prefabricated Structures


Prefabrication is the technique of development which incorporates amassing segments of a structure in an assembling or creation site, transporting complete congregations or halfway gatherings to the site where the structure is to be found. It is a blend of a good plan with cutting edge elite segments and quality controlled assembling systems. This work is done in two phases, assembling of parts in a place other than definite area and their erection in position.


The pre-assembled structure planned by MIPL are particularly made in view of the necessities of our customers, we offer these pre-assembled working in changeless, semi-perpetual and brief sort in light of the application level. MIPL offers stalls, exhibitions, site offices and farm house/resort in different sizes according to the prerequisites of the clients at economical costs.

Bluestar prefabricated outlet by Mediatech International
Vodafone prefabricated outlet by Mediatech International


MIPL is focused on creating a quality

Fabricated items on time and within a specified budget