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IT Services

In today’s challenging business environment which organizes adaptability, speed, and productivity, a powerful IT technique is basic. IT services allude to the utilization of business and specialized ability to empower associations in the creation, administration, and enhancement of or access to data and business processes. MIPL offers different computer embellishments, ATM Kiosks and Telecom Tower (GBM) Installation.


MIPL offers an extraordinary exhibit of Computer Accessories that is all around recognized for the striking elements. We source the offered embellishments from most trusted merchants of the market who are exceedingly dedicated to making use of value guaranteed parts and the ultra-current innovation in assembling procedure of the provided accessories. These frills are very sturdy and are acclaimed in both business and private applications. In addition, we offer these Computer Accessories in distinctive determinations at economical costs to the customers.


MIPL’s ATM kiosks are the most utilitarian and best assembled ATM branding items accessible. The utilization of ATM kiosks is on the ascent. More financial establishments are finding the many advantages ATM kiosks offer. ATM kiosks furnish you with an incredible approach to extend your logo and other marking components to a substantial group of onlookers. Their size alone pulls in regard to your image and your services – making it simple for your clients to find your ATMs. ATM kiosks are an exceptionally sparing approach to extend your services to your clients.




MIPL is focused on creating a quality